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7 steps to ensure quality & safety for every batch of Beyond®

Do you know where your pet food is made?

We own and run operations in all of the facilities in which our dry food is made. This is vital, as it allows us to monitor every step in the preparation of our dog and cat food. Daily inspections ensure no step is left to chance.

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We go above and beyond with our quality and safety measures.
Our quality assurance analysts and research and development associates are on the watch every step of the way for warning signals regarding ingredient safety. We even have scientists who are tasked with researching any known or suspected safety issues and informing other team members about the presence or risk of food toxins.
7 Steps Infographic

7 steps to ensure quality & safety for every batch of Beyond®

The Protection of Beyond® Pet Food
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Each batch faces five continuous safety audit streams.
In addition to the measures taken by our own quality control team, the safety of our Beyond® pet foods is ultimately protected by five continuous audit streams conducted by government regulatory agencies, third-party auditors, and Nestlé Purina Petcare auditors.
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