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Do you know who is formulating your pet food?

see how we go beyond with our pet nutritionists to formulate with natural ingredients in our dog and cat food

Our in-house pet nutritionists play a crucial role in the creation of Beyond® dog and cat food. From choosing ingredients to overseeing every step of the formulation process, they optimize the way real ingredients and essential nutrients come together to support your pet’s long-term health and well-being. No one is more qualified than a pet nutritionist to formulate and monitor the food you give your pet each day. Imagine what an entire team of them can do.

Meet one of our in-house
pet nutritionists

Through the eyes of a Beyond® Nutritionist

5 Steps to Evaluating an Ingredient

What good is a natural pet food if your pet won't eat it?

natural ingredients and real meat, fish or poultry

Our pet nutritionists know how vital taste is for the best possible delivery of valuable nutrients, and so carefully select ingredients that will be able to optimize both. Such focus, expertise and commitment are what make Beyond® a pet food built on nutrition that you can trust as well as one that your pet will enjoy.

Our pet nutritionists follow stringent guidelines.

aafco pet food checklist

All of these considerations help our pet nutritionists meet and surpass standards – even those set by regulatory agencies such as Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) – and ensure that each dog and cat food recipe they make delivers 100% complete and balanced nutrition.

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Quality, Healthy Goodness

August 22, 2013

I highly recommend this to anyone looking to provide their pets with proper nutrition and provide a meal that their pets will enjoy

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