Learn How Pet Food Sourcing Makes a Difference For You

How does your pet food brand source its ingredients?

how we go beyond to source real meat, fish or protein as the #1 ingredient in our natural dog and cat food

We know that not all ingredients are created equally and that there are many ingredient suppliers to choose from, so we’re extremely selective when establishing a relationship with a new one. Our ingredient suppliers play an important role in the creation of each dog and cat food recipe, so we ensure from the start that they meet our expectations.

Learn how sourcing makes a difference in your pet's food

Getting up close and personal with ingredients

Our 5 Steps For Properly Choosing A Supplier

Every ingredient we use has a history, and we can trace each one.

While some say that technology further separates us from the food we eat, we think it has the power to bring us closer. At any point after an ingredient has crossed our doors, through formulation all the way to your door, we can trace it back to the location or batch that came before it.

From our advanced technology to the most sophisticated equipment of all – the highly trained senses of our on-site quality experts – we put multiple checks in place and utilize a variety of experts to exercise constant preventative control. All of this means that you can be confident that the ingredients in your bag of Beyond® pet food have met all of our high standards and will provide the quality nutrition your pet needs.

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  • Joanne30
  • Mountain Top, Pa.
  • Dog

Excellent Food!

July 11, 2013

I like the fact it is corn free and ranch raised lamb is the number one ingredient!

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