Does your pet food exceed industry standards?

Various regulatory bodies set such standards that, in many instances, subject pet food to more thorough and extensive rules and regulations than most of the food that we eat. We, however, still consider those standards to be just that: standard. As we see it, a pet’s food makes up the entirety of their diet and so has to deliver all of the nutrients that they need every single day. It’s why we formulate recipes that are 100% complete and balanced and that can deliver exactly what they need. It’s what we always consider as we work to surpass the “standard” wherever possible.

Learn Why Beyond Exceeds Industry Pet Food Standards

We analyze every product to ensure it meets our strict standards. When we can and when we feel it’s appropriate, we take that a step further. Through extensive research – both internal and from university studies and references – we build on 100% complete and balanced nutrition to push ourselves past regulated minimums. Being able to surpass standards, of course, first requires a thorough understanding of what they are. Read about the different regulatory bodies and their various areas of expertise.

Our teams rise above the standards.

Between a thorough comprehension of the expectations of the regulatory bodies and the sheer wealth of knowledge of our nutritionists, quality assurance analysts and research staff, we exceed standards whenever we can. Based on our nutritional research, we believe that exceeding these minimums standards for some nutrients can be beneficial to pets (or can have tangible benefits for pets). For example, the minimum AAFCO protein requirement in a maintenance dry pet food is 18% for dogs and 26% for cats. Beyond® dry pet foods, however, always maintain a minimum of 26% protein for dogs and 32% protein for cats.

At every Beyond® dry pet food facility, there is a lead certified dry food auditor as well as a full team of quality assurance experts at our headquarters in St. Louis. Together, they work every day to make sure our foods use the safest, most state-of-the-art processes to reach and surpass governmental standards and industry expectations.

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June 29, 2013

I have 3 cats and one has a hard time with foods. I can feed all of them this food and they love it and we have no upset tummies!

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